• Ryan Tippett

Worst TV Characters Of All Time

The Worst TV Characters Ever

Janice Hosenstein – Friends

I hear that laugh in my nightmares, like nails on a chalkboard or a fork scraping against a plate – the worst possible noise to ever abrasively assault my ears. She almost single-handedly ruined my favorite show, just the absolute worst character. Spin cycle, her incredibly annoying mannerisms were so divisive that it made the character work so well. Maggie Wheeler also played the loudmouth New Yorker role so perfectly, knocked it completely out of the park.

Can’t believe there’s such a thing as “Best of” Janice Litman

Joffrey Baratheon – Game of Thrones

No fictional death was more celebrated in the history of cinema more than Joffrey being poisoned by Olenna Tyrell. It was the feeling of pure ecstasy, it was quite frankly a concerning personal moment for me to revel in the death of a 19 year old tyrant but I also feel like it was sort of justified. If we’re handing out seeds, Joffrey may be the number one overall, the Duke of hated characters.

Scrappy Doo – Scooby-Doo

A complete throw in character to try and generate a ratings boost – which actually ended up working for the show. The only way I could describe the character of Scrappy was a fiery, and feisty little douchebag. It’s slightly comical that he was hated with such an intense vitriol he got booted from the show. Even the creators of the show, Joe Ruby and Ken Spears, weren’t fond of the character. Not a surprising revelation.

As a complete aside, my family adopted a dog and named it Scrappy – it then proceeded to terrorize the entire house along with our other pets. Long story short, the dog disappeared and we had no clue what happened to it years later only to find out my parents drove the dog to a random farm, threw a bone out the car door, watched the dog chase after it and proceeded to peel off leaving it in a cloud of dust. Imagine how my jaw felt once they told us. In hindsight, the dog was destined for failure once we named it Scrappy.

Angelica Pickles – The Rugrats

The most notorious brat in all of television. What a complete and utter nightmare for anyone who would ever have babysit any child that remotely resembled Angelica. She was Tommy’s diabolical and dictatorial cousin with a terrible attitude. Constantly always having another character re-right her wrongs, no way to sugar coat this one, as a kid I completely loathed Angelica Pickles. She was the absolute worst.

Jan Brady – The Brady Bunch

I’ll be honest about this one, this was about the movie for me more than the show. The whiny, less popular sister stomping around, nasally complaining to mom because she’s the black sheep of the family. It must be a rule that women with the name Jan have to be the most unholy, annoying species on the planet, no offense to anyone with the name Jan – just a noticeable trend.

Commissioner Rawls - The Wire

The slimiest of slimy pieces of complete trash in television network history. As a 10 year old when the show first aired, I didn’t quite grasp the parallels the show had to actual real life occurrences until I understood the dynamic of Commissioner Rawls. Stay woke. Rawls, a despicable character, would offload problematic case-work to other divisions or shut down investigations to skew the numbers. An incredibly selfish character, who only cared about their personal career progression over making a change in the community.

My personal honorable mentions:

T-Bag – Prison Break

Mr. Burns – The Simpsons

Clay Morrow – Sons of Anarchy