• Josh Smith

Your Move, NCAA

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

If this were a chess match between the NBA and NCAA, NBA just yelled checkmate. The #3 overall 2020 high school prospect Jalen Green created shockwaves earlier this week when he decided to forgo college basketball and join the NBA G League. A move that will change the landscape of basketball.

Jalen Green will be making upwards of $500,000 as part of a new NBA G League system that creates massive incentive for top prospects to be in an NBA system right out of high school. Why go to college and make nothing when you can join a 1-year developmental system under the NBA, where you play better competition and secure the bag while doing it? On top of that, players like Jalen Green will be receiving a $125,000 scholarship to get his college education wherever he pleases. It’s a NO BRAINER for these guys. In fact, a day after Jalen Green joined the G League, the #14 overall Michigan decommit Isaiah Todd announced he will also be joining the G League. A few of many dominoes that will lead to a new norm.

This was a much needed and timely action by the NBA. With there being no progress of eliminating the NCAA One-and-Done Rule, and top high school prospects like LaMelo Ball and RJ Hampton electing to skip college and play ball in Australia for solid money, NBA needed to make a move quickly. The NBA G League was simply not an option for top prospects who wanted to turn pro out of high school. Not enough money and not enough structure. This will now keep players from electing to play overseas and will most likely serve as a bridge to eliminating the One-and-Done Rule.

Soooooo now what? It’s your move NCAA.